My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 5: Mother Jones

After that, I went to Whole Foods to do some shopping. Previously, I never shopped at Whole Foods, as I was sure that their management was all lefty – until I read this great article in Reason Magazine about the founder of Whole Foods, and his libertarian leanings Since then, we’ve been shopping there regularly. Since they cater to lefty types, they carry a bunch of lefty magazines. I caught the cover of Mother Jones as I was heading to the cashier: the title was “The Superrich Are Eating America, Can Obama Save Us?” The unbelievable stupidity of that just floored me: a) the superrich are the ones which keep the economy going, they are rich because people gave them money for something they produced, not theft b) they still have faith that Obama can champion their cause (In my eyes he is simply another opportunistic politician looking out for himself – even progressives are unhappy with him) and c) that they feel that the government can “save us” from anything. It was the icing on the cake: after attempting to discuss issues with liberals all day, I gave up: these creatures simply do not have the capacity to understand and change, well at least most of them don’t.

My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 4

In the end, most everyone on HuffPo was not interested in any logical fact or argument Pretty much all of the people I talked to had basically taken their ability to think and reason, put it on a shelf, and just walk in lockstep with the talking points of the progressive Democrats. It was sad, actually. After this, I was thinking, they are not really an enemy, I can’t really hold any hatred for them, they are really more to be pitied. An enemy is one you can hate since they really do have malice towards you, for example like a terrorist who kills or enjoys killing. These people are more misguided and lazy: its tough to think, its difficult to reason: its much easier to shelve that and just let some politician tell you that they will take care of everything and everything will be alright.

My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 3

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As usual, I got the “you are a hateful Bush lover” insults, asking where the Tea Party and Libertarians were while Bush was wrecking things: I replied that libertarians had always been around (I mean the libertarian party has been around since 1971, libertarian thought since before America was formed) and never really liked Bush either. He may have been fine for the first little while, but after 9/11, all that changed. Plus the Tea Party formed mostly in response to the Bush bailouts, and simply continued during the Obama bailouts. The old saw, that the Tea Party was organized by corporate interests, was hauled out yet again, and I countered with “you really think corporations are behind a movement which slams corporate handouts?” Plus corporations are about as bad as governments when it comes to conspiracy, I doubt that they have the ability to pull one off.

My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 2

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After that, the discourse was rocking: however I noticed the exact same thing as I get from liberals everywhere: that they have a completely closed mind, that they are not open to any kind of fact and argument, that they simply repeat talking points over and over again. In addition, they are really a bunch of whiny little brats. In fact, one the first responses was “wahh, this blog isn’t like it used to be” (well, I added the “wahh”). I guess HuffPo was a nice safe place for these people to live in their own little world, far far away from reason and reality, and us big bad conservatives came in there to ruin their day. Aw, doesn’t free speech suck? I guess for these people it does: all they ever wanted to hear was their party line, and there was really no reasoning with them.

My Visit To Left Wing Land, Part 1

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I’ve been purposely staying away from places like the Huffington Post because I can’t really stand not only the slant of the publication, but the shrill tone of the articles. However this weekend, I noticed an article by Andrew Brietbart, of Big Government fame, on there, regarding the NPR sting, where they slammed the Tea Party for being racist. His article indicated that this was a win for the Tea Party, as this just made NPR look like idiots. So I commented, mentioning how I believed that the Tea Party looks at things from a purely fiscal perspective, and simply wants to reduce taxes for everyone. What did I get for my factual and reasoned argument: a one line insult. So I responded with, well I thought I might get some reasoned discourse on here, but I guess I was mistaken. After that the ball was rolling: I actually got a number of other readers fanning me on there.

Obama Jokes And Golfs, While The World Is Aflame

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I don’t know about you, but instead of joking and golfing this weekend, I, and probably most Americans, spent the weekend with our eyes glued to the televisions and the internet, while reports of the devastation in Japan were coming through. I didn’t really have it in my heart to attend a dinner, joking and laughing with journalists and fellow politicians at Gridiron. I didn’t then go golfing: I ‘d feel bad enjoying myself like that when there were tens of thousands of people suffering in Japan. Of course, our President is not troubled by such things. like most liberals, he has the uncanny ability to completely ignore and compartmentalize any suffering in the world other than his own. Like most narcissists, he exists to further only his own pleasure. He has no empathy whatsoever, be it for the suffering Japanese, Libyans, Egyptians, or those Americans on the unemployment line. I don’t know about you but empathy is a trait I feel a President needs to do the job. Again, he’s not a good fit, and come 2012, let’s fire him.

Must Everything The Mainstream Media Report Be Biased?

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Amid the devastation in Japan, it seems that all reporting must now be politicized by the mainstream media. As the earthquake and tsunami swept over Japan, pundits blamed man-made global warming – although how global warming can be connected to an earthquake is beyond me. As the nuclear plants begin to fail due to the earthquake, possibly leading to meltdown, pundits decried nuclear power. In fact, the nuclear scientists have spoken up, saying that the mainstream media is purposely reporting far worse conditions in order to help foster panic about nuclear power. Somedays it seems like they wont be happy until we are riding our bikes to a farm for work. What kind of society would be ideal for these people? Amish? 7th century Islam? I mean, how much of our modern civilization would they strip back in order to map to their fanatical ideology? Or do they just want us paying for the privilege of living in the modern world.

921 - Japan Eathquake - Nature Wins - My HuffPo Visit

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On Today's Show:

  • The devastation in Japan: earthquake followed by tsunami. My heart goes out to everyone there. One moment, we are living our lives, feeling fully in control of everything, believing that we have mastered this plant, the next, nature contradicts us. How can we ever believe that we truly have any kind of power over the brute force of this planet?

  • I visit the Huffington Post and other liberal blogs over the weekend to see what its like over there. It's actually a lot of fun to poke at liberals, didn't realize what a bunch of whiny babies they were. They HATED any kind of dissent, whined and insulted anyone who tried to have a reasoned debate instead of walking in lockstep with their world vision.

The Left's Idea Of Civility: "you will be killed"

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This is apparently how to win friends and influence people, union style:
Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit

that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell. Read below for more information on possible scenarios in which you will die.

via "Please put your things in order because you will be killed" (Wizbang).

Obama: It Would Be So Much Easier To Be President Of China

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Usually Obama is pretty careful about overt discussions of his longing so be a dictator instead of an elected official. He actually said “it would be so much easier to be President of China” recently, a few months ago he was bemoaning the fact that “I am not King, there’s Congress” etc. Of course he would prefer to be President of China, and by extension, would probably prefer that something like the Chinese system of government to ours. Prominent Democrats over the years have voiced similar opinions, and I’ve raised these issues before on my show: Democrats would love the capitalist socialism of China to be brought here: Hillary has ogled China as well. With its churning factories and low wages, oppression and suppression, turning America into China is every liberals wet dream – as long as they are part of the ruling elite and the unwashed masses between the left and right coast become the factory workers. Yes, China gives liberals the best of all possible worlds: tons of money for the elites, and no more chatty radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin or me stirring up the pot.